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Prevent Enumeration of Usernames In Nginx

Created: 20 Feb 2016  / Categories: Security

Prevent Enumeration of Usernames In Nginx – This is a really simple fix which will block the user enumeration on a wordpress site (like the method by wpscan). Before I get into this, I am ...

Prevent User Registration From Specific Domain in WordPress

Created: 09 Feb 2016  / Categories: Security

Normally it is  a good idea to disable user registration  if you are not planing to use membership feature, because could lead spammers can attack your website with spam user registrations. I ...

Display an admin notice that can be dismissed

Created: 22 Jun 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

How to display an admin notice that can be dismissed action.

Add the above code to your functions.php

Remove Error Message on the Login Page

Created: 23 Feb 2015  / Categories: Security

Whenever your users enter an incorrect login name or password, an error message is displayed on the login page alerting them to an incorrect piece of information. If a hacker were to correctly ...

How to hide WordPress updates admin messages in the dashboard

Created: 19 Feb 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

It is very important to keep WordPress up to date because of security threats and other backend functionalities, specially now a days due to its popularity. Some cases we made lots of ...


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