Auto clear Autoptimize cache before it gets too large

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Autoptimize plugin cache size can grow out of control rapidly before you can notice and that can become a huge problem for your WordPress site. The code below will schedule cron jobs to delete every week and month.

namespace wppress;
class GarbageCollection
    public function __construct()
        add_filter('cron_schedules', function ($schedules) {
            $schedules['weekly'] = array(
                'interval' => 604800,
                'display'  => __('Once a Week'),
            $schedules['monthly'] = array(
                'interval' => 2635200,
                'display'  => __('Once a month'),
            return $schedules;
        if (!wp_next_scheduled('wppress/garbage/clear')) {
            wp_schedule_event(time(), 'monthly', 'wppress/garbage/clear');
        add_action('wppress/garbage/clear', [ &$this, 'clear']);
    public function clear()
        if (class_exists('\autoptimizeCache')) {
            /* Clear autoptimize cache once a month */
new GarbageCollection();

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