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Thank you for visiting my website – this section is dedicated to all WordPress lovers like myself ūüôā

Here you can find over 50 WordPress code snippets, tutorials, plugins, themes, and because WordPress alone would never work by it self, I also cover a few topics about servers and developing work-flow.

What is a WordPress code snippets ?

In the WordPress world everyone knows that plugins can be used to extend the functionality of WordPress. But what if we can do some smaller things in WordPress without installing plugins? Lets say, we dislike the admin bar at the top and we wish to disable it. Wet can accomplished that by using WordPress code snippet.

Basically, WordPress code snippets are used to do certain actions that might otherwise require a dedicated smaller plugin. Furthermore, such code snippets are placed in one of the WordPress core or theme files (generally the functions.php file of your theme).

  • Add functionality are commonly added to the theme functions.php file.
  • Change functionality are sometimes added to a specific theme file e.g. single.php, page.php, search.php etc.
  • Change core WordPress functionality are usually added to the wp-config.php file that is located in the root of your WordPress installation

I hope you enjoy the website and all the code available for you to use and please fell free to share your own code.

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