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How To Load Google Fonts Locally In WordPress

Created: 22 Feb 2019  / Categories: SEO, Styling, Themes

If your WordPress site has Google Fonts errors in GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights, you may need to load the Google Fonts locally on your WordPress Theme in order to fix it. ...

Restrict specific users for uploading big files

Created: 21 Feb 2019  / Categories: Security, Wp-Admin

Restrict files bigger than 1mb to all users expect the ones inside of the array. View the code on Gist.

Slick Slider with Advanced Custom Fields options

Created: 21 Feb 2019  / Categories: Shortcode, Themes

This is code snippet displays a slick slider. We can use the slider anywhere on the website we just need to add the shortcode [clientsliders]. The slider images are added on Advanced Custom ...

Monit alerts on Ubuntu + PHP7.2-FPM + NGINX + MYSQLD

Created: 20 Nov 2018  / Categories: Servers

Monit is an excellent tool to check your server’s services uptime, Monit is “Pro-active Monitoring” used on VPS or dedicated server. Monit will make sure php7.2-fpm and any ...

WordPress: Allow Contributors to Upload Images

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: User Permissions

  View the code on Gist.

Detect Browser – WordPress Code Snippet

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: Functions

If you want to use a different stylesheet for different browsers you can use HTML conditional tags or you can use the code below. Add this code on your theme’s functions.php and enqueue ...

Debugging WordPress: Techniques & Tools

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: Debugging

Debugging is an essential skill for any developer, every good developer should turn on debugging before getting started coding a new plugin or theme. WordPress Codex “highly recommends” that ...

Colours pallet to WordPress visual editor

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: Styling, Wp-Admin

This code snippet add a colour picker for  text or background colour found inside the visual editor  toolbar with a customisable colour grid. The Code Just add the following block of code to ...

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: Security, SEO

When we talk about WordPress performance, this issue comes up quite often. Our CSS and JavaScript files normally have the file version on the end of their URLs, such as ...


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