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Custom Admin Page WordPress

Created: 30 Jul 2017  / Categories: Wp-Admin

The function myplugin_options_page will register the admin page and the myplugin_render_options_page function will rendering the admin page. These functions could be useful for admin information ...

How redirect a user after login based on their WordPress role

Created: 03 Jan 2016  / Categories: Redirects, Security, User Permissions

How redirect a user after login based on their WordPress role. How to redirect users who login to your site to another URL based on their role. Just add this WordPress code snippet to your ...

Setup wp-config.php and add constants and define post rules

Created: 22 Nov 2015  / Categories: Security

Getting Started With Setup wp-config.php and add constants and define post rules Setup WordPress wp-config.php In this tutorial you will be learning in how to setup WordPress constants on the ...

Set Default Editor

Created: 11 Aug 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

Do you prefer to use the HTML editor rather than the Visual Editor when writing posts? Make either of these options your default by adding either of the following lines to yourfunctions.php ...

Function Maintenance Mode

Created: 24 May 2015  / Categories: Themes, Wp-Admin

If you need a quick and easy way of locking your site to non-admin users, just use this code snippet: This will present a blank page with your chosen message.

Remove publicly displayed version of WordPress is another anti-hack

Created: 18 Apr 2015  / Categories: Security

Another anti-hack hack is this handy security obscurity snippet that will hide the version of WordPress you’re using this hidden process makes it harder for hackers to exploit security issues ...

Custom Admin Footer

Created: 15 Jan 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

Do you want to put a link or a message on the WP admin’s footer, well this snippet it will help you.   source: 10 Tips optimize WordPress theme


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