IMDE wanted a complete website rebuild to highlights the creativity and innovative digital design and BIM consultancy services that IMDE offers.

The website now is easy to use, lays out the information clearly and gives the user exactly what they need about IMDE Digital Design & BIM Consultancy.

A website that really delivers a perfect blend of aesthetic design with practicality in user experience. The site has been thoroughly planned top to bottom by Francesco IMDE Director.


I built a robust CMS based on WordPress, customised to meet the project’s needs. As it is a fully dynamic website, it offers the freedom to the client to access all data and update the website contents at any time. I also installed WooCommerce to handle the E-commerce functionalities such as the online purchase and e-learning .

The result is an optimised and responsive website with unique animations and functionalities.

I developed both the front-end and the back-end part of the website for the specific pages as mentioned above.



IMDE Digital Design & BIM Consultancy


  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • E-Commerce one click checkout
  • Payment channels
  • Donation forms
  • E-learning
  • Sketchfab 3d models integration
  • Pano AutoDesk integration
  • Basic SEO (meta descriptions, titles, heading, text length, page speed )
  • Setup Google Search Console, Google Business and Google Analytics
  • Consultancy
  • Training




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