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Property Manager

  • Users can manage all their listings including editing, deleting, restoring, purging and even change the owner of properties.

Adding / Editing Listing

  • Via the Add Listing Wizard agent users can publish property records on the website. Through Flex feature, admin can configure the add listing wizard as needed.

Property Confirmation

  • The system can be setup in a way that it requires admin confirmation before publishing properties on the website.

Deleting / Restoring

  • The property records can be deleted from the backend, where they can be restored if needed.
  • You can purge the property records completely from the database.


  • Property match email or printing
  • Email all registered applicants
  • Full applicant export excel
  • Auto weekly mail outs to applicants

Website Leads

  • Learn where your leads are coming from geographically
  • What pages they viewed on your site
  • See past comments they have made on your website
  • Know what they have searched for on your site
  • Learn where referral traffic is coming from
  • Gather demographic data

Custom Fields

  • This feature allows you to add, modify, delete to deactivate property data fields in the Add Listing wizard.

Call for Price

  • As a part of the Hide Null Data feature, you have the option to show a custom text instead of the data field. For example if you don’t want to display the property price, you can select “Call” option, which will display “Call for Price” in the website. This text is dynamic and can be changed from the custom fields system.

Add Listing Wizard

  • This features allows website users / agents to add/edit listings on the website, depending on their access level.

Listing Type and Property Type

  • Listing Types such as For Sale, For Rent, Vacation Rental, Shared Accommodation, etc can be defined in the system according to your needs.
  • Property Types can be defined in the system according to your needs, such as Apartment, Studio, Town House, Office, Land, Shop, etc.

Unit Management

  • Each country may use a different measuring unit system. You can manage what system to use through this feature.
  • Search Engine Friendly. It also generates SEF urls for properties which leads to better indexing in the search engines such as Google.
  • Ability to insert meta keywords and meta description for each property manually based on specific marketing needs.

GEO Meta Tags

  • Inserting Geo meta tag in settings, which will be printed on the site header. This feature greatly enhance the SEO of the website in searches done via users who are near the geographic location of the business.
  • 15 new meta data types that can greatly affect your search engine ranking if they set correctly.

Sitemap Integration

  • A sitemap generator plugin called Google XML Sitemaps, for generating sitemap for internal pages generated such as individual property pages, etc.

Pattern for property alias/permalink

  • You can define a pattern for the permalink (url) of the properties based on the property details. For example you can choose to display price in the URL or not. This will affect your Search Engine Optimization.

Facebook and Twitter Meta Tags

  • For sharing the listings in Facebook or Twitter.

Dynamic Search Parameters

  • Admin can activate, deactivate and sort the search parameters of the search module from the administration panel.

Location Database Search

  • If the location database method is selected for the website, hierarchical location search can be used as a location search method. For example searching based on Country, State, City, Zip Code. Each of these location levels can be activated or deactivated from the admin panel.

Location Text Search

  • If the Location Text Method is used for saving the location information, this type of location search is available.

 Radius Map Search

  • In the PRO package, properties can be searched based on a certain distance (radius) from a certain location on the map.

 Location Auto-Suggest

  • In the Pro package, the search module will suggest location names based on the entered characters (alphabets).

 Sort Options

  • The search results can be sorted based on different sort options such as price, date, number of bedrooms, etc.

 Google Map Search

  • The search results will be displayed on the map.

ZIP Code Search

  • If the location database method is used, and the ZIP Codes are included in the database, you have the option to search properties based on ZIP Codes.

Location Auto-Suggest

  • Suggests location names using Google API.
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