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Restrict specific users for uploading big files

Created: 21 Feb 2019  / Categories: Security, Wp-Admin

Restrict files bigger than 1mb to all users expect the ones inside of the array. View the code on Gist.

Colours pallet to WordPress visual editor

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: Styling, Wp-Admin

This code snippet add a colour picker for  text or background colour found inside the visual editor  toolbar with a customisable colour grid. The Code Just add the following block of code to ...

Custom Admin Page WordPress

Created: 30 Jul 2017  / Categories: Wp-Admin

The function myplugin_options_page will register the admin page and the myplugin_render_options_page function will rendering the admin page. These functions could be useful for admin information ...

How to remove menu items from the WordPress admin area

Created: 01 Oct 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

The following code below will disable menus items on the WordPress admin area, this code snippet can be used on your theme’s functions.php or can just create a plugin for it. Some ...

Set Default Editor

Created: 11 Aug 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

Do you prefer to use the HTML editor rather than the Visual Editor when writing posts? Make either of these options your default by adding either of the following lines to yourfunctions.php ...

Display an admin notice that can be dismissed

Created: 22 Jun 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

How to display an admin notice that can be dismissed action.

Add the above code to your functions.php

Function Maintenance Mode

Created: 24 May 2015  / Categories: Themes, Wp-Admin

If you need a quick and easy way of locking your site to non-admin users, just use this code snippet: This will present a blank page with your chosen message.

Stop wordpress removing html

Created: 21 May 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

Stop wordpress removing html. Add the bellow code on your functions.php

Add Extra Fields to User Profile Page

Created: 12 Mar 2015  / Categories: Themes, Wp-Admin

WordPress is still living in the stone age with its contact forms in the User Profile section (AIM? Yahoo IM?). Fortunately, you can add more current contact methods with this simple code ...

Enable hidden admin feature – diplau all WordPress admin site settings

Created: 21 Feb 2015  / Categories: Wp-Admin

This little piece of code does something pretty cool. It will add an additional option to your settings menu with a link to “all settings” which will show you a complete list of all ...


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