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How To Load Google Fonts Locally In WordPress

Created: 22 Feb 2019  / Categories: SEO, Styling, Themes

If your WordPress site has Google Fonts errors in GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights, you may need to load the Google Fonts locally on your WordPress Theme in order to fix it. ...

Slick Slider with Advanced Custom Fields options

Created: 21 Feb 2019  / Categories: Shortcode, Themes

This is code snippet displays a slick slider. We can use the slider anywhere on the website we just need to add the shortcode [clientsliders]. The slider images are added on Advanced Custom ...

Add google web fonts in WordPress the right way

Created: 24 Jan 2016  / Categories: Styling, Themes

Google has been supplying the community with a large collection of web-based fonts for quite a few years. There are several ways Google allow you to use these fonts for free on your website. ...

How to remove post categories from the homepage

Created: 05 Sep 2015  / Categories: Themes

How To Hide or Remove Categories from a WordPress Homepage

When displaying your latest posts on the homepage, you might want to exclude some categories from displaying on this page.

There are many reasons why you would want to do this. You might want to keep your homepage for only news posts and relegate the rest of the posts to other sections accessed through the menu.

In any case, what we will need to modify is the WordPress loop. All WordPress themes make use of the loop, and the best way to modify it is by using the pre_get_posts hook.

Removing categories from the homepage can sometimes turn out to be quite a frustrating act for beginners, so here’s the easy way to do it.

In your theme’s functions.php file, just insert the following code, replacing the category IDs with the ones you want to exclude:

Read more about pre_get_posts here.

Thank you for seeing my code snippet and fell free to share and comment :) .Do you have any interesting changes to your "your latest posts on the homepage" that you make or some other cool code snippet that you’d like to share? Let everyone know in the comments what cool tricks you’ve come up with or you can let me know by contact me (here)

Force Perfect JPG Images

Created: 04 Aug 2015  / Categories: SEO, Themes

WordPress automatically compresses images to 90 per cent of the original. While this isn’t such a big deal for most site owners, some people, like photographers, miss this extra 10 per cent. To ...

Open All Links in New Windows add target blank in all a html elements

Created: 10 Jul 2015  / Categories: Themes

Open all links in new windows, WordPress add target blank in all (a) html element. I am personally not a fan of opening links in new windows – I think it should be left for the user to decide. ...

Function Maintenance Mode

Created: 24 May 2015  / Categories: Themes, Wp-Admin

If you need a quick and easy way of locking your site to non-admin users, just use this code snippet: This will present a blank page with your chosen message.

Limit The Excerpt’s Word Count

Created: 20 May 2015  / Categories: Themes

One thing that can go wrong in WordPress magazine themes is when users include too many words before the more tag. Sure, they could handcraft the excerpt in the dedicated field, but on a website ...

Add Extra Fields to User Profile Page

Created: 12 Mar 2015  / Categories: Themes, Wp-Admin

WordPress is still living in the stone age with its contact forms in the User Profile section (AIM? Yahoo IM?). Fortunately, you can add more current contact methods with this simple code ...


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