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How To Load Google Fonts Locally In WordPress

Created: 22 Feb 2019  / Categories: SEO, Styling, Themes

If your WordPress site has Google Fonts errors in GTmetrix, Pingdom and Google PageSpeed Insights, you may need to load the Google Fonts locally on your WordPress Theme in order to fix it. ...

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: Security, SEO

When we talk about WordPress performance, this issue comes up quite often. Our CSS and JavaScript files normally have the file version on the end of their URLs, such as ...

How to fix Leverage browser caching on WordPress using nginx 

Created: 19 Jul 2017  / Categories: SEO

How to fix Leverage browser caching on WordPress using nginx, on this mini tutorial I will show how to fix this SEO performance killer. # FIX Leverage browser caching ssh onto your server and ...

Force Perfect JPG Images

Created: 04 Aug 2015  / Categories: SEO, Themes

WordPress automatically compresses images to 90 per cent of the original. While this isn’t such a big deal for most site owners, some people, like photographers, miss this extra 10 per cent. To ...


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