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Restrict specific users for uploading big files

Created: 21 Feb 2019  / Categories: Security, Wp-Admin

Restrict files bigger than 1mb to all users expect the ones inside of the array. View the code on Gist.

Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Created: 03 Sep 2018  / Categories: Security, SEO

When we talk about WordPress performance, this issue comes up quite often. Our CSS and JavaScript files normally have the file version on the end of their URLs, such as ...

Prevent Enumeration of Usernames In Nginx

Created: 20 Feb 2016  / Categories: Security

Prevent Enumeration of Usernames In Nginx – This is a really simple fix which will block the user enumeration on a wordpress site (like the method by wpscan). Before I get into this, I am ...

Prevent User Registration From Specific Domain in WordPress

Created: 09 Feb 2016  / Categories: Security

Normally it is  a good idea to disable user registration  if you are not planing to use membership feature, because could lead spammers can attack your website with spam user registrations. I ...

How redirect a user after login based on their WordPress role

Created: 03 Jan 2016  / Categories: Redirects, Security, User Permissions

How redirect a user after login based on their WordPress role. How to redirect users who login to your site to another URL based on their role. Just add this WordPress code snippet to your ...

Setup wp-config.php and add constants and define post rules

Created: 22 Nov 2015  / Categories: Security

Getting Started With Setup wp-config.php and add constants and define post rules Setup WordPress wp-config.php In this tutorial you will be learning in how to setup WordPress constants on the ...

Remove publicly displayed version of WordPress is another anti-hack

Created: 18 Apr 2015  / Categories: Security

Another anti-hack hack is this handy security obscurity snippet that will hide the version of WordPress you’re using this hidden process makes it harder for hackers to exploit security issues ...

How to remove pings

Created: 01 Apr 2015  / Categories: Security

WordPress allows you to turn off pingbacks on your site. By using this option will disable pingback feature completely on your site. Function to remove pings:   source: 10 Tips optimize ...

Remove Error Message on the Login Page

Created: 23 Feb 2015  / Categories: Security

Whenever your users enter an incorrect login name or password, an error message is displayed on the login page alerting them to an incorrect piece of information. If a hacker were to correctly ...


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